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From Beginning of the Problem to the Best Solution

It’s all started when I was in my Graduation, since all my friends were cricket lovers during the whole IPL Season, they always talk about the ipl matches like player-performance, what are mistake the losing team shouldn’t have done all these things etc. we all have tendency to give suggestion while watching match and after that discussing it.So I noticed that they are not able to get all the useful information regarding the matches, teams & player. They had to visit different-different websites to gain the information so it was time-consuming, during college days time isn’t a problem but now we have moved to corporate world we always have shortage of time,now it’s difficult to take out time to sleep but our interest & enthusiasm towards IPL  has not decreased over years.So I decided to build a website which helps ipl fan’s to get all the information in a nutshell.

IPL-Analysis is a platform which provides all the latest details of Indian Premier League in the most attractive way. IPL-Analysis website includes ipl-fixture, ipl-point-table, ipl-records,ipl-squad,ipl-all-team,ipl-history.

IPL-Analysis uses the stats to help the fans to know more about the player & team. We analyze the data to gain valuable information which normally is ignored. Fan’s can monitor the information of there favorite players like MS-Dhoni, Virat Kohli etc. How these players are performing, what’s there strike-rate & records,ipl player list, all ipl match list?Since the way the people are following there favorite teams like CSK, KKR, MI etc, they like to know all the latest updates to our website provides you all these useful details in a nutshell.

IPL-Analysis is a very useful platform for the cricket lovers that need all the information about there player and team. We have used the data visualization technique so people can easily understand the performance of there respective team and player

IPL-Analysis is a data-oriented platform which analyzes years of data to find out the hidden patterns & useful information so that better decision can be taken.

Our intention is to bring the right information to right people at right time.