The data written on the blog/website is analyzed by the analyzing tool taking raw information from the internet as the data source. IPLAnalysis may not include that the data present on the website is certainly true data available from the source and the tool. IPLAanalysis does not create the things from the scratch or anything with the wind. For many or all of the information, the analyzed report is as produced by the tool may be approximate and will contain some or the other inaccuracies. The information may contain errors introduced by the analyzing tool and/or by Google.


(A) may not say that the data produced is accurate, adequate or compete in any nature and

(B) IPLAnalysis will not be liable for the errors in the data or the defects in the information and will not reliance for any action taken on the basis of data present on our blog.

Neither Iplanalysis nor any of its analyzing tool will be liable for any damages relating to the use of the data provided on our blog.