Gautam not selected in KKR Squad


Gautam Gambhir dropped from the squad of the Kolkata Knight Riders is a serious issue for the Gambhir fans as according to the analysis Gautam Gambhir has entitled KKR twice with the IPL winner in 2012 and 2014 and now he is not been retained by its owner and the big question arises is that Is there any personal issue of the SRK with Gautam Gambhir?

or is there any other issue related to Gambhir with SRK regarding previous IPL session as we know that Gautam Gambhir joined the KKR in 2011 leaving the Delhi Daredevils and after that, there was misunderstanding many times between the two. SRK is being questioned by the fans of KKR regarding the retention of Gautam Gambhir In upcoming IPL session. Following is the performance of the Gautam Gambhir from 2011 to 2017 under the banner of KKR and various summary.

From starting his career with KKR  in 2011 Gautam Gambhir scored in good figures with the gradually increasing performance every year and scored 520 runs after playing 17 matches in 2012 leading the team to win the title of that year and every time playing consciously to win many nonwinning games. In his lead, KKR has done a great job till now.

From the starting of IPL following is the summary of the Gautam Gambhir




Many of the fans of Gautam Gambhir and KKR are questioning SRK for this decision, let us see if it is true till the end or it is just for the shock of the fans of Gauti and SRK or there is something behind the curtains which we don’t know.


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