IPL 2018-DRS: A Fuhrer Challenge


Decision Review System is abbreviated as DRS and the main reason to tell this to you all here is the good news coming from the field of IPL that now it is going to be included in the IPL like other technologies to make the decision error-free. As the BCCI was thinking about it from many sessions but in the last session, it was decided to be included in the IPL from 2018 onwards. With the addition of DRS, players can review the decision of the umpires and can satisfy themselves with the decision offered by the umpire.

Like another system, DRS will also use the technology to review the decision given by the umpire and it will be in the three classes as described below:

a.Hawk-Eye: In this technology, the virtual ball tracking is used, which determines the path of the ball after hitting the obstructing object to find the decision for LBW.

b.Hot-Spot: It is infrared imaging technology which is used to check for the inside edge and snick in case of LBW and caught behind the wicket.

c.Snickometer: In this technology directional microphones are used to find the very small sound.


Born of DRS in IPL

The importance of DRS is well known to everybody and the need of it as well. The inclusion of the DRS is a good sign for the players as the stat says regarding it:

26% of the player’s review resulted in a successful decision in on-field.

41% of DRS is taken by Batsman while 59% is by Bowler till 2017.

74% call of DRS is for LBW and 18% is for wicketkeeper catch.

34% success rate for the batsman in DRS.

20% success rate for bowling team in DRS.

A BCCI official claimed “The BCCI was keen to have DRS on board for quite some time but it was only this year we felt we should go ahead with it for the IPL. We have the best of all another system in place, so why not DRS? Anyway, we have been using it for India’s international matches for over a year and a half now”.

Adding of DRS in the IPL will add spice to it and the correct decision will make IPL error-free and more valuable catching more eyes.

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