IPL 2018: Paytm says it’s out ?


Paytm says it’s out and the player is moving outside the field. You must be thinking how it is possible that Paytm says out and the player has to leave the field. Yes, it will be possible for the IPL season 2018 because VIVO IPL official Umpire partnership is been acquired by Paytm for the next five years says Paytm founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Now Paytm will hold Official Umpire Partnership along with Title Partnership as well.

Chairman of the IPL, Mr. Rajiv Verma said “We have increased our relationship with Paytm for better development and we share a strong bond and we will continue to provide real value to Paytm.

On this Mr. Vijay added “ We are delighted to the IPL Umpire Partner for next five years. Cricket has been the key element in Paytm’s brand journey and it has worked brilliantly for our young brand, We had a great relationship with the BCCI and our investment in IPL further reaffirms our commitment to this wonderful sport”.

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