IPL Auction 2018: The man with hammer


Only a few hours are left to start the most awaited day of the IPL 2018 and the man with hammer-Richard Madley is ready for the auction ceremony in Bangalore and this is the day for which all the players and the franchiser are waiting for. “Auctioneering is in my blood, “ says Madley in an interview

Richard Madley is the person who goes with the price of the players and franchisers buy them according to their purse. He told about the changed strategy of bidding the player by the franchiser as it was the only name which was bought earlier in the IPL Auction. But now in IPL Auction 2018 stats related to each player will be seen irrespective of the name and fame of the player. Before buying the player the franchise go through with advice and suggestion of the mentor and coach of the respective IPL team and then according to the stats regardings the innings played at crucial times, strike rate, batting position, bowling strategy etc and of course the purse with the franchiser also matters a lot, he also added.

So, there is a big chance that some unknown players may emerge tomorrow with changing the wind towards them and bagging a good purse from the franchiser. The marquee player will be auctioned first but a certain common factor among all of them is that they all are above 30’s which may play a crucial role in the bid of them. IPL Auction will be a good platform for the good performing player and those who are consistent. Being an Englishman, he bids the player irrespective of nation caste etc he likes all players and considers everyone equal in his eyes.

“Apart from IPL Auction or IPL 2018 MS-Dhoni is his best player in the cricket world “ he nodded. Madley is also waiting for tomorrow morning with all of us to go with the IPL Auction 2018 and to see the new faces in the IPL team.

Will the marquee player be the first choice of the franchiser?

Let’s watch it live on Hotstar tomorrow morning 9:00 am IST from Bangalore.

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