MS-Dhoni is a great player who takes the calculated risk in the field & his ability to motivate team player is excellent. MS-Dhoni has good career records in the Indian premier league and his captaincy made Chennai super king to win 2 seasons of ipl. He has got to bat in 143 innings in which he has scored 3560 runs with an average of 37.87. Highest score in an inning is 70*. 34.26% times he is unbeaten. Dhoni hasn’t scored any century but 17 good half centuries is scored by him. Total no if ball faced by him is 2604 in all ipl seasons and 3 times he got out on duck. As Dhoni is very good at running between the wickets & he is a powerful striker of the ball.

54.49% of total runs is cored in fours and sixes. We can’t neglect his wicket-keeping skill & his presence of mind. 73 catches is taken by him & 30 stumping is done in all season of ipl

“Captaincy record is also very good and he has a winning percentage of 58.04%.”

” Toss Winning Percentage=49.65%”





MS-Dhoni is the good finisher of T20 format mostly comes in-depth over’s. He usually takes less time to put an eye on the pitch and comfortably set himself for big shots. We have collected the data of Dhoni at different batting position which he has mostly played in all season of ipl. At batting position 4 & 5 he has played a maximum of his ipl career which is 52 times each. When we have batted at no-5, he has been at his best. He has scored 1430 runs at this position with the strike rate of 147.73 and average of 46.13. Out of 52 innings, he has been not out in 21 innings and scored 8 half centuries. But the highest score in an inning is 70*(40) which he has scored at batting position-6.

“Dhoni best perform at batting position-5 in IPL”



MS-Dhoni has played the maximum numbers of the ipl match against Mumbai Indians which is 28 out of which he gets 24 times to bat. He has also scored maximum no of runs against RCB with slightly less strike rate (i.e 137.35) from against Sunrisers Hyderabad (i.e 155.71).Highest score in an inning is 70* which scored against Royal Challengers Bangalore. In 70 runs inning, he has hit 3 fours and 2 sixes which total 24 runs, most of the runs are scored in single, doubles and triples since running between the wicket is amazing and rarely gets out in run-out. Maximum catches taken is 14 against MI and 7 Stumping is done against KKR.  



MS-Dhoni has played in 31 different Stadium across the country during the ipl. As he was the Captain of CSK so in his home-ground at M.A.Chidambaram stadium he has played a maximum of its match i.e 46 out of 159(28.93%).In his home-ground he has scored 1144 runs with the average of 38.13 & highest score is 67*. Getting a chance to play in 43 innings out of 46 matches (93.47%) has been not-out 13 times (30.23%) & half century is 6. Most of the runs scored are in single, double and triples i.e 84.79% of its total run in his home-ground. With boundaries and sixes, he has scored 174 runs i.e 15.20%of the total runs. High score in an inning is 70* which he has scored at M Chinnaswamy stadium at this stadium his average is 61.8, he is not-out  3 times out of 8 innings(37.5%). At Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium he has played 13 matches with 12 innings out of which in 6 innings he was unbeaten, total runs at this stadium are 343 with an average of 57.17 and a high score is 61*.



It’s been 10 seasons of Indian premier league our captain cool has played all the seasons. In 2008 Dhoni has taken his CSK team to the final but they didn’t manage to win the match and Rajasthan Royals won the match by 3 wickets. In the first season of ipl Dhoni has played 16 matches & 14 innings in which 4 times he has been unbeaten. 414 is the total score of his first ipl at an average of 41.4 with a strike rate of 133.55.Highest score in the first season is 65.

“In IPL-2008 MS-Dhoni hasn’t done any stumping”

The second season of ipl was an almost same first season in terms of runs scored by Dhoni is 332 at an average of 41.5 with strike rate 127.2. The highest score is 58* of this season scored against Deccan Charges and Chennai super king won by 78 runs. In the semi-final, Chennai super king has beaten Royal Challengers Bangalore by 6 IPL-2010 performance of Dhoni gets degraded still they manage to win IPL for the first time in IPL history. The winning of ipl continues in 2011 also the performance of Dhoni is very good. He scored runs at the strike rate of 158.7 and Average of 43.56 which includes 2 half centuries. In season-2013 he has scored maximum runs i.e 461 in 16 innings with the best strike rate of 162.9. Maximum times he is unbeaten i.e 10 times in the season of IPL. In last season average drops from 40.57 to 26.36 but he has maintained his strike rate above 10.


MS-Dhoni has faced 61 different bowlers in his ipl career. He rarely gets out by stumping & LBW only 3 times is dismissed by these methods out of 94 dismissals. Percentage of stumping and LBW dismissals is 3.19% each. He has been out by caught behind 10 times (10.63%) of his total dismissals. His stumps are uprooted 12 times (12.76%) and 59 times out bycatch or caught by fielder mostly on the boundary which is maximum times of total dismissals that is 62.76%.

“Zaheer Khan has dismissed Dhoni 7 times (7.44%) which is maximum by any bowler in IPL”

“Dhoni maximum reason of dismissal-Caught/Catch”


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    1. Thanks buddy for showing interest in our post we will be happy to provide the best information in our future posts
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    1. Thanks for showing interest in our post we will be happy to provide the best information in our future posts
      Stay Connected…….

      IPL Analysis Team

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