Preity Zinta Twitter Reaction:IPL Auction 2018


In IPL world the day 1 of an auction of all players is going on and here we present the owner of Kings XI Punjab: Preity Zinta, who is been very good at her bench today as she grabbed very good players for her IPL team. Preity Zinta is a famous Indian Actress who has a good career in it. Preity Zinta is the only franchiser who wants to buy every player as concluded from the tweet of Virender Sehwag.


Preity Zinta with her bench bought Yuvraj Singh, Ravi Ashwin, Karun Nair, KL Rahul, Aaron Finch, David Miller and Marcos Stoinis in the first few rounds and they are the good player and will prove to be fruitful in the upcoming session of IPL.

Preity Zinta was very conscious with the price of the players as because of this many of the player were rated high and some of the time Preity Zinta was trolled by the use of RTM as shows her tweet.


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