Why is Mumbai Indians losing matches in IPL 2018?

Actually, I am also searching for the same answer. Let me first make it clear that MI is my favorite team in the IPL. As a MI fan, I am very disappointed with their performance. But if I analyze them there is no such single particular reason for their bad performances.
It is just that if batsmen play well then bowling doesn’t click and if bowlers do well, batsmen fell.
The team that MI fielded for most of the game is their best XI at least on paper.
Now as we are in search for the reason of MI’s failure then it is better we look first into their squad.

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MUMBAI INDIANS: Victorious journey of IPL

In the era of IPL MI is been abbreviated as Mumbai Indians. MI is the only team to win the IPL title for three times in all. MI is considered to be the most successful and strongest team as it gives strong competition to every team with which it plays. The icon player of Mumbai Indians IPL team is the famous Indian Cricket player Sachin R. Tendulkar who led the team in the starting of the tournament and later on Ricky Ponting became the skipper of it and after his dismissal from the team due to bad performance Rohit Sharma was placed as the skipper of it and from that time Mumbai Indians is been rocking in every alternate year as MI has won the title in 2013, then in 2015 and recently in 2017 although they suffered very badly in the starting session of IPL 2008-2009. MI has also won the two champions league t20 title also.

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