What is more successful IPL or BBL?


Only IPL is the tournament more successful in world …(not hosted by ICC)

If you see the matches of IPL as a comparison to BBL then it is more competitive, Dramatic and exciting. In BBL there are retired players who played in that tournament, but in IPL its all about new talents.

IPL played in the month of April and May where there is no international commitment for any major team, Whereas in BBL the tournament is conducted in the month of December where there more international commitments to the players. If you talk about the Global coverage then IPL has far more than the BBL.

The money which players get after playing in IPL is far far more than getting money after playing BBL. We have seen that other boards compromising their international schedule because of IPL like ECB allowed their players to play in IPL. New Zealand cricket board selected young players for Tri-series against Bangladesh and Ireland and did not consider their senior player who is playing in IPL. But so far we had not seen any board compromising their international schedule because of BBL.

The technology used in the BBL is groundbreaking. Different camera angles, the cameras on helmets and umpires, the Australian-designed Zing Wicket System, which has a sensor in the bails that determines within one-thousandth of a second when the wicket is broken, the players being mic’d up during batting and fielding, the 3-dimensional hologram used to call the field setting by commentators and many such innovations are things no cricket fan would have even imagined a decade ago.



IPL has a bigger prize money than the BBL


Winner of IPL gets 3million dollars and BBL winner gets 4,50,000 dollars that’s a huge difference.

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