Why do we have only 8 teams in the IPL?


Initially, it was planned to add two teams every alternate year. But, due to tight calendar and revenue issues, IPL will remain an Eight Team fixture for next few years.

The reason is if you increase the team, there are two possibilities. One, you have to increase the number of matches. Increasing the number of matches means your IPL window gets bigger. Broadcasters have to pay more. Star has already paid a whopping amount for the current format. It will be quite difficult for them to pay more.

Two, If a number of matches are kept same by increasing the team then you are looking to split Teams into two groups of five each. In that case, the franchise will be unhappy because they will get to play less number of matches. Franchise revenue will get a hit.

Hence, IPL needs to plan this very smartly to increase the number of teams without disappointing any stake/holders such as Franchise, Broadcaster, ICC, other nations which always look forward to IPL.

They need to give a notice to everybody about the expansion at least a year in advance and in a very transparent manner. Otherwise, there will be another situation like Kochi Tuskers.

This formula of increasing teams worked in Pro-Kabaddi due to its less cost as compared to IPL. Also, Kabaddi’s international calendar is not as tight as Cricket’s.

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